4 Tips to grow your Membership Group

I love a membership group! I have been a part of a few, and I have my own. It is great to have new conversations and add value to the lives of those that join my group. Based on some of my learnings and what worked for me I decided to write out 4 tips that can help you market and grow your own membership group.

  1. Give the best experience to your existing members

Can you think of the last time you made a purchase – how was that purchase decision influenced? The ones listed below are some of the most common influencers:

  1. Online research
  2. Discuss with friends, family and co-workers
  3. Recommendations from friends, family and co-workers

Your current members can influence all of those points – (a),(b) and (c). If you give them exceptional value through your content that help them to deliver results. They will turn from being just your members to your advocates. Your first 25-50 members should be so amazed by your the value that you are providing them that they can’t help but share the incredible platform that you have built for them. They will talk to their family, friends and co-workers about it and leave positive reviews online.

Here are a few things you can do to optimize the experience for your current members.

  1. Provide a clear roadmap that helps them navigate your content.
  2. Conduct a survey of existing members to find out what they want and how they are interacting with your content.
  3. Create a content calendar so that members are aware of what they can expect.
  4. Offer replays and recordings of live training calls.
  5. Make a system where members can easily leave feedback and suggestions.
  6. Always show up. Never keep your members waiting

 2. Content is King

This is a no brainer – POST MORE ON YOUR WEBSITE. I am specifically mentioning this because people often underestimate the power of posting relevant content on a consistent basis on their website. You should be posting relevant content on your website that is optimized for keywords based on your current members. This will help you attract similar audiences to your membership group. You may want to even branch out from just posting content on your website. There are other avenues, which I have not dived into yet, but you may want to check out to drive more traffic to you your website. These avenues are Quora.com and Medium.com. Depending on your niche, these may be a great place to attract new members.

  1. Multi-step group membership

There are two different types of membership group. One will be paid and the other will be free. The free group is where you will be driving all your traffic from your content. You can think of the free group as a place where you are “warming up” your audience before driving them towards your paid membership group.

You must interact and engage with the members of the free group and provide valuable content so that they are intrigued to join the paid membership group. The paid membership group is where they will have more “insider access”, this could mean special meetups, webinars or phone calls.

  1. Collaborate with other similar groups

Collaborate with other groups in your niche and cross promote pages. Make sure you do it the right way! Bring valuable content from other content creators that speaks to your current members and give out valuable content to the other content creator’s group. This is a great opportunity to be seen by prospective members who can greatly benefit from all the valuable content that you provide.

You must know your audience’s need and have very good knowledge about your niche to pull this off properly. Talk to your members to see what they are struggling with and then try to find experts in those domains. Once you identify them, reach out to them and build relationships. Remember, you must also provide enough value to them for them to consider your offer.

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