Video is where it’s at in 2019 – 5 easy ways to use video in your business

I’ve been to a few conferences lately for entrepreneurs and a few workshops and there is one major message coming through.

Video is crucial in 2019. Apparently by 2020 80% of content we digest online will be via video so I can see why we all need to start using it.

You’ve all heard me say hundreds of times that people buy from people, so of course it’s absolutely crucial that you are the face of your business. Not only the face – you need to be the personality, the character and the brand itself.

A well designed website and a perfectly curated Instagram will go a long way, but it’s pretty obvious that an Insta story will have far more impact than a photo in your grid, especially if it’s a video.

It’s here that the real you will shine through.

So, here are five reasons why embracing video (come on don’t be scared!) is never going to be a bad idea.


1.  This is me!

The combination of audio and visual information has more impact, is far more memorable and makes describing what you do much easier to understand.

So why not create a video on your homepage that outlines what you do and what problem you solve, or niche you occupy for your customer in less than 90 seconds. It is so much more effective than trying to sculpt an informative and entertaining paragraph or two on your home page.


2.  This is what I do

That awesome overview video you’ve made is great but you’ll often need a little more meat on the bones to win your audience over. Add a few more detailed videos that explain the nitty gritty of what you do, or the different services you offer. This is a great way to provide more information and help your audience decide to buy. They also work brilliantly on sales pages as a persuasive tool.


3.  Testimonials

Grab all the people who love your product, service, or company and get them on camera! We’re all wary of entrepreneurs who constantly spout about how great they are, but it’s so much more effective to hear it from a real customer. A real, super satisfied and oh so impressed customer! We’re a cynical bunch and so having some great words from Sarah, Entrepreneur just isn’t going to cut it anymore!


4.  Blog in the Medium Your Audience Craves

We’re all so much more likely to watch video content. It’s engaging, inclusive, real – it’s the medium buyers crave.

So why not add more of the content they like to your blog (yep – you’re now a vlogger!) to get them coming back for more? Video blogs don’t have to be Hollywood-style production value. Record a video blog by using your webcam while sitting in your office or a meeting room. Or even use your iPhone to record some thoughts while you’re walking down the street!


5.  Thank you!

Loyalty, potentially leading to repeat business, is the absolutely critical to the sustainability and profitability of your business. Make sure you don’t lose the engagement of that group of satisfied customers by making them feel loved. Everyone loves a thank you so send them a reminder every so often that you’re thankful for them and their support!

It can be a quick 30 seconds on the go – sometimes these kinds of videos seem more sincere. Along the lines of – “Sorry I’m on the hop, but I just had to say this while it was fresh in my mind!”


There are so many ways to use video in your business and now so many platforms you can out them on from LinkedIn, Facebook to Instagram Stories and IGTV so it’s time to start. It doesn’t need to be perfect either. Here’s a little video taken by Curtis Tilbury whilst I was in Morocco last month. We had 5 minutes to prepare and 10 minutes to film so it was a rush job but it means potential clients can see me talk about what I do which is really what it’s all about!