How to build an audience and why you need to

Without an audience you’re speaking to an empty room. You need an audience, not only to sell to, but to understand their needs and adapt your services or products accordingly.

But that audience needs to be relevant or you’ll be speaking to a crowded room who aren’t listening!

1.  Know who you want to serve first – too many people don’t and just start and then build a wrong audience.

For example, if you’re a wedding planner you’re unlikely to be looking for people in a ‘Divorced and proud’ Facebook group.

Now that example is pretty extreme, but it’s to help you consider your audience.

Think about:

  • What sex are they?
  • What age range do they fall into?
  • What would their lives look like?
  • What kind of business / job are they in?
  • What terminology / language resonates with them?
  • What are their likes / dislikes?

Task: Write down who your ideal audience are and three places you might find them.


2.  Use social media – FB groups have been my thing but there are others who nurture an Instagram audience

Facebook is a superb free resource to help you find and nurture your audience.

Join Facebook groups where your target audience hangs out, offer advice and support on topics you know about – even if they’re not directly related to your business services – to get yourself noticed.

Start non-salesy conversations, offer value, engage and use the group to promote yourself positively.

Start conversations on other social media platforms too, like Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Top tip: Don’t over stretch yourself – limit your social media time to 30-60 minutes a day so you don’t get caught up in a never ending scrolling session.

Task: find five Facebook groups to join today where you’ll find your ideal audience.


3.  Give value – how can you actually help your audience with their issues. Do this!

Ask your audience what they need help with, what are their pain points?

Pick up on the common ones and give advice, lead them towards your expertise so they learn to know, like and trust you – once that’s achieved you can start selling your products and services with more ease.

Use a variety of marketing methods to reach a wider audience, e.g. webinars, newsletters, social media, lead magnets.

Task: write down your audiences’ top two pain points.


4.  Don’t underestimate the value of in-person events

Building that know, like and trust can take time virtually, so never underestimate the importance of showing up in real time.

Seek events where your audience will be and exhibit or mingle, maybe pitch yourself as a speaker….

If you’re not able to get out and about as frequently as you like live webinars or Facebook / Instagram live videos are a great way to break down that virtual barrier.

Task: Do a live video on one of your social media platforms to address one of the common pain points, by the end of this week.


5.  Appear on others podcasts and in front of others audiences

Pitch yourself to podcasters and those who host events aimed at your target market. It’s priceless evergreen content to share with your audience again, and again. Plus, you’ll reach the audience of the host.

Think about what value you’ll give to the event or podcast and get in touch with the host, sell yourself and outline the benefits to them to have you as a guest.

Task: Find three podcast hosts to pitch to today.


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