Here’s the real key to success

My biggest takeaway from 2017? That strategy is fundamental to the success and sustainability of your business. Without it, how do you know how to get to where you want to be? How will you be able to say “yes, I’ve achieved what I wanted to – I’m successful and I’m living my ideal life”?

You do need a positive mindset and to set goals for yourself. That’s only part of it though. It’s where I’m different to the coaches that talk about manifesting everything you want. I’m about PLANNING and ACTION. That’s why today I’m sharing the two things that are essential for making 2018 your year!

You have to create your own opportunities. There is a big difference between being patient in your business, not expecting results too soon and waiting for things to come to you because you’ve asked the universe for them. If that’s what you are hoping for and you believe in entirely, then Just Own This isn’t for you. But hear me out…

Why you need a strategy for your business

Being strategic can help you to design your business better so that you are focusing on the right things. Doing so, you are more likely to be able to deliver the best performance and be productive, ultimately resulting in the profit you want (both now and in the future). Strategy provides focus and direction to move from a plan to taking action steps forward. If you do not have a strategy you will never know what to focus on or what to prioritise.

Strategy helps you to…

  • position yourself in your market and decide how you want to be seen
  • validate your ideas before creating and put yourself into your audience’s shoes
  • prepare for any obstacles your ideal clients might have to booking you
  • feel more confident in your business
  • feel ready for the day/week/month/year ahead
  • effectively communicate what you’re trying to achieve
  • take an intentional approach to your self-development and daily actions
  • invest your time, energy and money in the right places
  • outsource, automate, collaborate and advertise purposefully
  • analyse your data correctly and see what is/isn’t working
  • maintain a work/life balance
  • manage difficult situations more professionally
  • plan well ahead and look at the bigger picture
  • get to where you want to be and the level of success you’ve defined for yourself

If there’s one thing I’ve learned and that I now emphasise to members of GSD Society, my students on Fabulous Foundations and my 1:1 coaching clients it’s this…

Never launch anything without having a strategy in place first.

By this, I mean that you need to be able to confidently answer the following things:

  1. How you want to be seen and how you are going to position yourself
  2. How you are going to launch it
  3. When and where you are going to launch it
  4. What you need to do before, during and after the launch

You can get good results from having a strategy when it comes to your visibility. For example, you know that I am a huge fan of using Facebook Live to connect with my community. The reason I have been so successful with using this as part of my strategy is that I think about what I’m going to say and when my ideal clients are most active online. I know that they are on Facebook and that’s why it’s a core marketing channel for me. I know that they like to hear from me regularly. I know that they like a mix of training and ‘what I’m up to’ live streams. But I didn’t know all of this at the beginning, yet I still had to have a strategy in place for how I was going to find this out. Now, I’ve learned from experience and can use that in my strategy moving forward.

BUT what’s the one thing that is guaranteed to stop a strategy from working?

Why strategy + accountability = the key to success

Without holding yourself accountable, your strategy will fail. Not even the good kind of failure where it shows you what didn’t work. A lack of accountability means you won’t put in the work in the first place to be able to figure out what needs to be tweaked. You might even not finish writing your strategy if you aren’t 100% motivated to push forward.

Do you have a plan of things you can do when you don’t feel like doing anything at all? Or a plan for when business is slow? Or how you are going to hold yourself (+ anybody you work with) accountable? AND a self-care plan? These don’t need to be detailed, but something you can reference. We all have days where we want to work but can’t bring ourselves to, or where it’s only smaller and simpler things we are up to doing. That’s okay! Having these in place will help you stay on track through the tougher times or when you need to refocus.

Accountability plans help you to…

  • set and reach your next goals and objectives
  • track your progress and measure your success
  • streamline your efforts and #GSD in a way that suits you
  • stay motivated even through the challenging (and less exciting) times
  • stop making excuses and see the positives in what your actions will achieve
  • keep on top of those you’ve outsourced (or delegated) to
  • put yourself first and not feel guilty for taking the time off that you want/need
  • time block and structure your day/week/month/year

Over in GSD Society, one of the privileges of being a member is that I team you up with an accountability partner through my Buddy Up! system. It’s all about finding like-minded women, in a similar position to you who will help you to stick to your strategy and accountability plans, and give you extra support. In Fabulous Foundations, you’ll be on live trainings and in a private Facebook group with female entrepreneurs on the same journey as you.

Because I know one thing for sure…

Combine both strategy and accountability and that’s where the magic happens.

So, if you want to get your desired results from non ‘woo-woo’ methods, then come over and join us in GSD Society or grab one of my LAST remaining places on Fabulous Foundations Group Mastermind 2018 today!