LinkedIn’s probably not for you, or is it?

LinkedIn isn’t for my business because… [insert your own reason here].

I’ve probably heard it

I had the exact same conversation with a lady who provides mental health support to under 11’s.

‘Oh no, there’s no point me being on LinkedIn because it’s just full of business people’.

Yes, and those business people have children.

You can see where I am heading with this one, can’t you?


If you’re a wedding planner:

That ‘business owner’ might be planning a wedding soon

That ‘business owner’ might know someone recently engaged


If you’re a photographer:

That ‘business owner’ might need some new headshots

The ‘business owner’ might need a photographer for a forthcoming event


It’s a whole new audience for you and here are some tips on how to work it:



Start connecting with people you know, if you’re part of my GSD Society connect with your fellow members first and it’ll evolve from there.



Find some people to connect with who might not be your target market but are engaging, fun and make your experience of LinkedIn enjoyable. Comment on their posts, laugh with them – by commenting on posts you’ll be seen by many of that persons connections.



Ask your audience questions. Invite them to provide their thoughts on things going on in your business (new products, new services, branding changes, everything!) You don’t need to take the advice, but it’s a great way to start a conversation.



Reply to every comment. You’ll eventually get too busy to, but that’s the time to outsource. People love a reply, they like to know you’re real and it helps build that important part of your marketing – Know, Like, Trust.


Be Brave

Look, if Trump can get away with tweeting what he does and still run a country then it’s unlikely you’re going to offend anyone by posting a few things on LinkedIn, so be brave – throw a few posts out and see what works.



Everything takes time. If it doesn’t work for you after a week that doesn’t mean you’ve tried it. Be consistent and give it time.

If we haven’t already, let’s connect!