Telling it

Like it is

Do you want to design a life and business you love while gaining freedom to make profits from your passion?

If so, this is the podcast for you. I’m Lisa Johnson, success coach for online entrepreneurs. I want you to grow your business, I want you to have that financial freedom by taking action. I want you to build that dream life. So if you’re wanting this I will be talking about all of this in my podcast, plus interviewing guests for extra insight too. I’m not about the fluff with my coaching. I’m not about the woowoo. I am here to tell it like it is.

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Episode 1

5 things to get you 6 figures

Episode 2

The law of distraction

Episode 3

Changing your message with Janet Murray

Episode 4

Dispelling The Selling Myths with Jessica Lorimer

Episode 5

Growing Huge Audiences with Kimra Luna

Episode 6

Marketing Strategies That Work With Leon Streete

Episode 7

The Pursuit of Excellence in Coaching with Charlotte Hopkins

Episode 8

Money Talk with Dominique Mullally