The mindset for success

When it comes to starting and running a business, having a powerful mindset is absolutely key.

One of the biggest reasons people set up a business is to achieve some sort of freedom – whether that be time, financial, or simply to do business with the people they choose.

But the reality for so many entrepreneurs just setting out is that all too often they can become swamped in their own day-to-day client list of things to do, and completely lack direction in their own business.

And this is where that lack of planning can very quickly fall down and impact the mind – our most powerful tool!

Without a plan, there is no clarity and without a clarity there is no path for growth – and this can impact the mind and limit the beliefs, dreams and ambitions of business owners everywhere.

In fact, it’s something I’ve seen all too often since setting up my own business coaching company.

Yes, the pressures of being an entrepreneur – no matter how small or large the company – are ever changing and ever present so resilience, routine, forward planning and forecasting are just a few of the areas that need to be on the radar of an entrepreneur for longevity and success.

But, with nine-per-cent of the UK population addicted to work, I question how many of those ‘addicts’ spend time on their business rather than in it.

If business owners don’t get involved in the future proofing of their business, cracks will eventually appear in the form of stifled growth and lost clients, and that’s where hiring a business coach can help – both for the actual business and the mind!

Coaches can provide reliable guidance and objective feedback if there’s a mental brick wall, little or no sales growth, or if a fresh perspective is needed on a new strategy.

They can offer clarity when there’s a problem and will help navigate the mind set towards a part of the business that’s perhaps been untouched for a while.

When certain situations can’t be seen clearly, coaches will guide entrepreneurs practically and mentally through the steps to find a suitable solution.

Good coaches have a wealth of business know-how and knowledge, and often have many years’ worth of experience in a myriad of situations in order to effect change. They will work with business owners to teach them what they know and how to apply it – whether that’s adopting a more positive mental approach to work or getting a job ticked off the list.

The no-nonsense coaching programmes I offer equip female business owners with clear and objective advice that combines both mind set and long-term business objective setting for growth.

I’ve witnessed businesses flourish very quickly with the right strategy in place and I’ve seen entrepreneurs’ mindset transformed because of that strategy!

If small business owners don’t make the investment leap that’s needed to bring a coach on board in 2018, worries, insecurities and the every-day pressures that so often crop up in business could just jeopardise its future.

To run a business effectively, ensure your business coach targets mindset first, it’s essential!

Lisa x

There’s a whole module on mindset in Fabulous Foundations – why not come and join us so you feel more confident and prepared for dealing with these inevitable situations?