25 Productivity Hacks for Entrepreneurs

Productivity. Something we’re all always saying we want to increase. But in order to increase productivity, you need to break bad habits by firstly identifying them. A bad habit isn’t just a negative behaviour pattern, it’s something that will stop you from reaching success in your business. Did you know that it takes 66 days to form a new habit, but only 21 days to break bad habits?

So what is a bad habit?

Are you waiting until whatever you’re working on is perfect?

Are you guilty of comparing yourself?

Do you dread early mornings?

Do you leave the ‘big’ ‘difficult’ tasks until last?

Find yourself multitasking rather than focusing on one thing?

Sit at your desk all day?

Sound familiar? These are just some examples of the bad habits of entrepreneurs that as a result will harm a business. Habits (good and bad) are learned — you regularly repeat them with little or no thought, so by being aware of them AND taking action, you can and will break bad habits easily.

How to break bad habits – here’s 25 productivity hacks for entrepreneurs:

((Don’t just read this list… put it into action. Plan your improved routine and execute it))

Check your emails at set times in the day only.

Schedule calls for a set day/set part of the day (like first thing/last thing).

Turn off your notifications and close your tabs.

Revisit what you’re working on ONCE only, then submit/launch it.

Walk – get outside every single day.

Plan your whole week on a Sunday – know your goals.

Batch tasks/schedule in advance.

Start the day with the big/difficult task – break it down.

Create a “must do” list rather than a “to do” list.

Make a space where you only focus on your business tasks.

Invest in a Lumie BodyClock to make waking up early easier.

Even if you work from home, dress for work.

Be okay with saying “no”.

Start the day off right – exercise, meditate,  read.

Get enough sleep.

Delegate (outsource to a VA, like I do)!

Use canned responses and/or an automated project management tool.

Develop processes.

Consider scheduling in a catch-up day.

Read The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg.

Download the Productive Habits & Daily Goals Tracker app & use affirmations.

Take breaks. Nap for less than 45 minutes if you really need to.

Get all of those ideas down so you can then focus on what you need to.

Ask yourself if you need to attend that meeting.

Think about what it means for your business if you don’t stop these bad habits.

Stop a bad habit permanently…

Ladies, here’s how you can try it starting TODAY! >> Decide on a habit that you know you have that affects your productivity — something that will stop you from getting the results you want, therefore stops you being successful. Stop doing it. Don’t just wean yourself off it. Stop. Get rid of at least one bad habit this week.

By checking out GSD Society you’ll see that by breaking your bad habits, your life and business will change and you’ll get positive results!