Nicki James


“I was one of the first people to do Lisa’s passion for passive course and for me it was a no brainier. I’d coached with Lisa for a long time and I saw what epic results she was getting from passive income and admired them.

I was a little behind the rest of the group as I had to start again with growing my audience from scratch. We waited for that perfect moment when my audience were super engaged and it paid off.

I’ve launched 3 times now, the first and second made me an additional £20k in to my business and my most recent an epic £48k. In under a year, I’ve made just shy of an additional £100k to my business. For me this was the only way I was going to scale. I’d hit an income ceiling with 1-1.

Lisa was incredible. She walked me through step by step everything I needed to do, she made it so easy to understand and she helped me when I was overwhelmed.

Since working with Lisa, I’ve gone from a brand new business to a multi-six figure business. I couldn’t have done that without introducing semi-passive income in to my business.”

Caroline Stevens

Caroline Jax Cake School

“Working with Lisa has been incredible! She’s honestly changed my life. Everything she’s taught me I’ve worked hard and implemented, following her guidance. She’s so down to earth and teaches in an easy to understand way and I find her energy, honesty and enthusiasm a breath of fresh air. I launched my very business stream 6 months ago and in that time I’ve earned around £15,000 from it. I’ve also just launched a monthly membership, again following all Lisa’s advice, so on top of that I now have an extra £2200 a month in recurring revenue every month. I can’t recommend her enough and will never be able to say thank you enough for how much my life has changed. My only regret is that I didn’t find her sooner.”

Shelly Shulman

La Belle Academy

“I first met Lisa back in 2017 when she was speaking at an event and I knew straight away that I just had to work with her.⁠

From 1-1’s to group programmes Lisa has supported me and my business and because of this my growth in the last two years has been exponential!⁠

As well as making thousands in passive income all year, yesterday I had a £19k launch.⁠

I cannot thank Lisa enough for her support and business knowledge and look forward to continuing to work with her in the future.”⁠



‘A year ago I was nearly ready to give up on my business. I had an incredible audience and I loved what I was doing but I felt burnt out and was working all hours for very little return. I decided to invest in a one to one session with Lisa and I can honestly say one year later it was the best investment I have made in my business so far. I made the cost of the session back within the first month. I now have a regular monthly income and am working less hours for more money. I have learnt to balance my life better, charge my worth and go looking for new opportunities. All of this wrapped up with an emphasis on values, and authenticity which is so important. If you need some direction in your online business, speak to Lisa!’

Michelle Jacobs


I just wanted to say, in writing, how valuable and enjoyable I found our 1.1 session this morning.

I have come away totally pumped up and excited about the next stage of my business.  What started out as a fledgling idea for moving it forward,  in the course of just one hour evolved into a fully blown plan and I can’t wait to start working on it.


I thank my lucky stars that our paths crossed almost two years ago.  Working with you has been both inspirational and hugely beneficial for my business.  You have coached me through a re-launch,  trained me in visibility, strategy, marketing, ideal client and so much more and I am now both well known and well respected in my industry and attracting the right type of clients who I am charging at the right level of fees.   Things couldn’t be going better and I am immensely grateful to you for coaching me along the way.  I could not have done it without you and better still,  you just keep giving!!!   Today’s session will help to move me up yet another level and I can’t wait.

Jen Feroze


“I’ve worked with Lisa in a variety of ways over the last year – taking part in her Fabulous Foundations course, being a founding member of her Facebook membership group GSD Society, and most recently coaching 1:1 with her. I can honestly say that I wouldn’t have had the tools and the confidence necessary to leave my day job and strike out on my own were it not for her.

She has the uncanny ability to ignite motivation and the desire to succeed, and while she sometimes brings the tough love, the results she gets are undeniable. In the last twelve months I’ve launched my copywriting business, left my day job, and been consistently fully booked with clients I really want to work with. I know I’ve still got a lot to learn, but I feel able to tackle the challenges that entrepreneurship will throw at me, largely thanks to the strategies and the support that Lisa provides.”

Lisa Johnson Coaching

Anna Meya


I always had lots of ideas for businesses and my brain was constantly buzzing with entrepreneurial spirit but it was only when I started work with Lisa that I was able to start untangling this web of ideas and start something tangible.
With Lisa’s help to hone an idea, one that would encompass lots of the different strands I had thought about, I launched The Publicity Project a few months ago and have already had brilliant feedback. Not only have I booked a plethora of 1-2-1 clients, I have also secured a collaboration with a multi-million pound brand and been asked to speak at various events.

In short, she was helpful, approachable and made starting a business as simple as possible – even now when I come up against a tricky situation she gives me the necessary support to navigate it like a pro.

Lisa Johnson Coaching

Zoe Duerden-Dew


“I’ve wanted to join GSD Society since coming across Lisa in June 2018, but the waitlist wasnt open. I had learnt a lot from following Lisa and her page, but it wasn’t until I joined GSD Society in September that everything clicked together. In the first week I made 72 times my initial investment of the monthly fee, over five times the annual fee that I will pay. The community and contacts that I have made, and continue to make, are invaluable and I know that there are several women in the group that I will employ for their services in the next few months in order to ramp up my business. GSD Society has given me the focus, drive and support to move my business forward at warp speed and I could not be more excited for what the future holds”

Lisa Johnson Coaching

Bethan Davies


After deciding to start a business less than four months ago, I have built my website, gained over a thousand Instagram followers, created a successful email marketing sales funnel, done a styled photo shoot, got featured in TWO magazines and received numerous enquiries for 2019 weddings. I can honestly and whole heartedly say I would not have achieved all of this without the help and guidance of Lisa and the amazing members of her GSD society. No other membership or group compares!

Lisa Johnson Coaching

Casey Paul


Lisa has been the straight talking, strategising no fluff coach that I needed to prepare me for my first group coaching launch.

I call her the ‘launch queen’ so for me was the obvious choice to work with. We talked through a launch strategy and Lisa helped me prepare my first ever webinar. Lisa held my hand every step of the way prompting me on things I could do after the webinar to maximise on sales.

She really does get down to the nitty gritty on exactly what needs to be done every step of the way. I ended my first beta launch on £17,000 with just a £250 ads budget thanks to Lisa’s help.

I can’t recommend Lisa any more highly if you are looking to scale for passive income without launches being stressful or hard work! I loved launching and can’t wait for the next one!

Lisa Johnson Coaching