(and how to grow your online business in 2020)

group of women from the wave mastermind with Jade Jemma and Lisa Johnson

I have lost count of the number of times I am asked: “Lisa how did you grow to 7-fig so quickly”. I’m here today to share the one main thing responsible for my success that has enabled me to:

  • – Grow my online business to 7-fig in under 3 years
  • – Create an audience that many in the industry say is the most loyal and engaged they have ever seen
  • – Have consistent 6-fig+ launches (even during a global pandemic)

My ‘secret’ to growing a 7-fig business 

Before I start let me get one thing straight, growing my business to 7-figs has required hard-work, determination and showing up for my audience. Yes, I achieved success very quickly compared to most other coaches in the online space, but success was not handed to me on a plate.

There has been one thing that has been instrumental in my success and growth. One thing that without it I know for a fact; I would not be in the position that I am in today. That one thing is not a ‘roadmap’, ‘blueprint’, or even a strategy (even though many marketers will sell that dream to you).

Quite honestly the one thing responsible for my success has been people.  Now I’m not just talking about online ‘guru’s, I’m talking about real people who I have worked with and got to know along my business journey.

1. Mentors

First of all there have been my business mentors, those who I have invested over £200,000 in to not only learn from but to be part of their inner circle, which in turn has led me to meet some of the people I am honoured to class as friends today. When I look at the price of working with a business mentor, I don’t just look at the value of the product/program they are selling. I look long-term at “what is possible” if I become connected to that person. This is something that I see many of my successful peers do too.

Now I’m not saying that you cannot connect with people organically, but let’s face it, those who are crushing it in business are very busy and already well connected. Outside of their close family and friends, most entrepreneurs like myself only spend time with their paid clients, they simply do not have the time (or need) to make friends with every person who wants to join their network.  But when you pay to join their network you automatically get their time and attention, which allows real relationships to be formed.

This is something I see so many business entrepreneurs overlook. As they say, your network is your net worth, which is why I always look at the ‘invisible return’ of joining a network.

2. Peers

My business peers have also been instrumental in my success, not only for insights and introductions but for support on those days that we all get when we just feel like throwing the towel in!  Going back to my point above, every single one of my closest peers were all either my business mentors or peers who I met in a high-level mastermind.

Now I’m not saying that I don’t have friends that I didn’t pay money to first meet (I do, in fact, many of my clients are now close friends of mine), but the type of entrepreneurs you meet in environments like paid masterminds are not the same as those you will meet inside a free FB group.  Entrepreneurs who continually invest in their growth tend to be hugely successful and well connected, so being around more people like this helps to ‘fast-track’ your own success.

3. Clients and Audience

I am often told by people that my audience is the most loyal and engaged they have even seen. I am the first to admit that the people in my audience (including my clients) have been my biggest supporters and I truly do love them dearly.

Those who invest time, money or energy in me, I go out of my way to support whenever I can. In having my mentors be generous to me in their introductions and support, I have learnt how valuable this can be when you are just starting out and still growing and I am proud that I am still connected to my audience, even now at the stage of business, I am in.

Without an audience, you’re speaking to an empty room. You need an audience, not only to sell to but to understand their needs and adapt your services or products accordingly.


In reading this, you might think that this advice is so obvious and simple (it is!), but what I find is that so many people in business do NOT embrace the power of people and are too ‘transactional’ in their business. Even three years into the business I am still shocked by the lack of ‘people skills’ so many entrepreneurs have.

One entrepreneur who is great at the ‘people’ side of the business, and someone who I now class as a dear friend is Jade Jemma. Jade and I first met when we worked together on a launch of mine and it quickly became clear that Jade was not just ‘in it for the money’, or transaction.  Just like I do with people, Jade took the time to get to know me, and nurtured our relationship after our ‘official’ working time was over, continuing to support me and being one of my biggest cheerleaders.

As our relationship developed we realised that this ‘people power’ we both harnessed was something so many entrepreneurs are missing in their business. Not just for the fact that business is so much easier and fun when you have great friends and supporters, but that so many entrepreneurs really are restricting their business growth in not having a powerful network of people around them.

We knew this was not something we could ‘teach’ in a course, but that something that we could only ‘show’ by being with them as it happens. In order to do so, we needed to create a space to allow this ‘people power’ to be unleashed for others. This is where Wave Mastermind was born.

Our high-level mastermind for entrepreneurs has created one of the most powerful networks I have ever seen. So powerful in fact that Jade and I have been inundated with requests on when Wave will be happening again, so it is back!

Wave Mastermind – The Second Wave

Whether you decide to apply to join Wave, or another mastermind, ensure that when you do you take the time to embrace the power of each and every person you encounter on your journey.

Strategy and hard work will get you far, but it’s the people you meet along the way that can fast track your success!

Lisa xx